LEGO 2K Drive on Steam Deck Review – A Promising Game, But Held Back By Its Monetization

LEGO 2K Drive has been one of the most eagerly awaited games since its launch. The game has been targeted to appeal to gamers of all ages, but its pricing and editions may confuse potential buyers. The LEGO 2K Drive on Steam Deck is a new take on Forza Horizon with LEGOs that has all the elements of fun racing games such as Sonic Racing’s kart racing and engaging storyline packed with humor, exploration, and challenges. However, the game’s monetization seems to have let down the game experience to some extent.

LEGO 2K Drive on Steam Deck offers impressive gameplay where you can play solo, play with friends, or play with everyone. The story mode is the highlight of the experience with its humor, exploration, and challenges. The actual racing of LEGO 2K Drive is well-designed, with drifting, skills, and track layouts very well put together, making it enjoyable to play. Nevertheless, the monetization aspect of the game can be frustrating, as this game seems to be subjected to aggressive microtransactions and features free-to-play elements in a racing game. It is a misjudgment to have monetization elements like these in a full-priced release with two higher-priced editions. Due to this, it would be challenging for the developers to maintain brand loyalty in the market.

LEGO 2K Drive on PC provides you with a lot of options to adjust resolution scales, frame rate (up to 120fps), interface scale, toggle v-sync, motion blur, and choose DirectX version in the default video settings. The advanced menu further gives settings to choose different presets, anti-aliasing, texture quality, shadow quality, post-processing quality, effects detail, foliage detail, and draw distance. The game looked great and ran very well on Steam Deck even after a bit of tweaking, targeting 60fps in parts, but things vary depending on the map. It runs at 16:10 during gameplay and 16:9 in the menus and interface.

The online multiplayer mode works without issues and supports cross-play on all major consoles including the Steam deck. The game delivers on audio with good music, well-voiced dialogue, and excellent use of rumble on Steam Deck to complement things. However, the voiced dialogue around the store may be a bit too grating for some players.

LEGO 2K Drive is an excellent combination of Forza Horizon, Sonic Racing, and LEGOs, but one that unfortunately has some of the bad aspects of free-to-play games included. The game has promising features of humor, exploration, and challenges that make this game a thrilling experience. The only area where this game falls short is monetization. Overall, LEGO 2K Drive on Steam Deck is a very good game that could improve with time.

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