Recently, the portable PC gaming industry has seen a major breakthrough with the arrival of Asus ROG Ally and Valve’s Steam Deck. While the Steam Deck’s cheaper offerings are still popular, Asus ROG Ally has managed to capture the leading spot by running on Windows instead of Linux. The ROG Ally launch video offers some insight into what the future of Windows 11 may bring. Xbox Manager Roanne Sones has confirmed that gaming features from the closed infrastructure of Xbox haven’t been ported to Windows yet. However, these features would be perfect for a portable device like the ROG Ally, so it makes sense that Microsoft is focusing on bringing them just there.

Sones confirms that these new handheld PCs have “changed the way Microsoft thinks about the Windows experience”. She does not reveal any specific changes. However, it is likely that these features could come to Windows 11 as a whole or just as a potential exclusive for these console PC hybrids.

One of the many features that could be made available in Windows is the Quick Resume, which is already present in Xbox consoles. It lets players put games on hold and pick up later right where they left off, even when switching between games. It could be a game-changer to have Quick Resume on a portable device like the ROG Ally. It will link Windows to Xbox players even further, making it an even more enticing PC gaming option.

Another potential feature that has been spoken about is “instantly swapping games” between different devices on Windows. This means that players could be enjoying their game on their home PC and pick up where they left off on ROG Ally without having to restart anything. The integration of cross-platform play would be amazing as it would eliminate the need to start all over again when players switch between devices.

All these are fantastic ideas to bring into the world of PC gaming, and it’s expected gamers wouldn’t just limit these features to handheld experiences. Whatever Microsoft decides, this new portable gaming PC market has ensured increased demand for further development of console features on a Windows platform that can only benefit gamers in the long run. As Windows continues its evolution and development, it appears that the future of gaming in PC looks set to capture the imagination of gaming enthusiasts everywhere.

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