Developer Mundfish has removed all graphics options for Atomic Heart on Steam Deck, drawing condemnation from the online community. Despite claiming to have made the decision to maximize performance, Steam Deck battery, and gameplay stability, Mundfish has faced a backlash from those who argue that player choice is essential to a good gaming experience. In response to the criticism, Mundfish has promised to introduce dedicated graphics settings for the Steam Deck in future updates.

The move has been described as “beyond stupid” by some Steam users, with others calling for Valve to introduce a way to roll back updates. The original announcement came a month ago when they said that the removal was an unintentional bug and it was promised a fix. However, Mundfish has since confirmed that the move was intentional. They have now stated on Twitter that, in addition to the choice of default settings, players will have the option of tweaking graphics settings as they wish.

Though removing graphics options might seem like a simple way to optimize performance, it appears that Mundfish should have chosen a different approach. As several gamers have pointed out, choice is a fundamental element of player preference, and taking that option away creates a strong sense of unease among gaming communities. As a PC platform with Proton, Atomic Heart appears to be running fine without graphics options.

Players have already remarked that this decision is similar to what Striking Distance Studios did for Steam Deck, where they hid the benchmark mode. Those who have criticized this move have stated that it will reduce their likelihood of buying Atomic Heart.

In conclusion, this move by Mundfish has received a lot of negative reactions within the online gaming community. Developers should keep in mind that giving players the option to tweak the settings based on personal preferences is always preferable. Mundfish’s promise to add dedicated graphics settings in a subsequent update will serve as a redeeming factor, but much damage has already been done. Let’s hope that future gaming developers will remember this lesson and avoid making similar mistakes.

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