Recent studies show an alarming trend in the video game industry. Popular games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends have been found to have a negative impact on the mental health of young players.

The studies, which were conducted over the course of six months, surveyed over 5000 players aged between 10-25 years old. The results showed that 80% of players experienced some level of anxiety while playing the games. In addition, over 60% reported feelings of aggression, while 40% admitted to having negative thoughts about themselves or others.

The report found that one of the main reasons for these negative effects is the addictive nature of the games. Players become so invested in the game that they often lose track of time and neglect their responsibilities. This leads to feelings of guilt and anxiety, which can contribute to mental health issues.

One of the surprising findings of the study was that players who spent less time playing the games actually reported higher levels of happiness and contentment compared to those who played for several hours a day. Therefore, the report suggests limiting gaming time to no more than two hours a day, and taking frequent breaks.

The gaming industry has responded to these findings by launching several initiatives to promote responsible gaming. One such initiative is the ‘Healthy Gaming Guide’, which encourages gamers to take regular breaks, exercise, and eat healthily while playing. Gaming companies have also promised to display warning messages about the potential dangers of excessive gaming, in a bid to help players make more informed decisions about their gaming habits.

As parents, it’s important to monitor our children’s gaming habits and to encourage them to take breaks and engage in other activities. We need to teach children to be responsible gamers and to prioritize their mental and physical health over the lure of addictive video games.


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