Nreal Air has launched a new product that has a partnership with Steam Deck. For those who are not aware of the Nreal Air, it is a compact augmented reality (AR) device that has built-in screens to deliver a personal cinema experience. The partnership between Nreal Air and Steam Deck has brought forth an augmented reality gaming experience that promises to be out of this world.

When tested with the Steam Deck, the setup was quite simple. Users could just plug in the device via a cable on one end of the temples, and the other end into the Steam Deck. That was all it took for a gaming session to start. The glasses are compact, and their low profile design makes them look stylish. They are surprisingly light too, and the speaker quality was good and impressively clear. Fitting the glasses to different face shapes was made easy by the various adjustments that could be made. Little touches, such as the outwards flexibility of the ear rests added to the comfort while gaming.

The Nreal Air has managed to deliver a unique experience that has set it apart from other gaming devices. Unlike virtual reality (VR) headsets that immerse you inside games, Nreal Air gives an immersive cinematic experience that follows your head movements, making sure that the screen is always in focus. The glasses come with pass-through features that allow users to see their surroundings. Users can, however, cover the lenses completely for uninterrupted game playback.

The Nreal Air has delivered a truly personal gaming experience that makes you rethink what gaming is all about. The gaming experience is so immersive, and it is easy to get lost in the game. The issues that do exist with this device do not take away significantly from the gaming experience. For people who wear glasses, they will have to spend extra for special lenses if they want to use the Nreal Air. Furthermore, it has been noted that Steam Deck’s batteries will drain faster when the glasses are connected since the Nreal Air does not have any batteries.

With a price point of $379/£399.99, the Nreal Air is not cheap. However, the gaming experience it delivers is exceptional, and it is worth the investment for those who would like to try something different. Although its features are limited to certain regions, they will be widely available in no time. The Nreal Air has set a new standard for gaming experiences, and it is an accessory that you must have to enhance your gaming sessions.

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