Open Source Mesa Graphics Drivers just got a facelift with the release of version 23.1.0. The Mesa Graphics Drivers play a crucial role in running the Steam Deck, making the newly released version an important one for AMD GPUs. The release comes with enabled support for Vulkan Graphics Pipeline Libraries (GPL), which can drastically reduce the shader stutter that users usually see before it’s built up in a game. The result is smoother gaming performance on Linux with AMD GPUs.

Some notable highlights of version 23.1.0 include:

– Rusticl, an OpenCL implementation, added support for AMD GPUs.
– ANV (Intel) and RADV (AMD) got initial support for Vulkan Video decoding.
– Vulkan Graphics Pipeline Libraries (GPL) are now supported in RADV.

In addition to these highlights, there are also new extensions and features in version 23.1.0, such as VK_EXT_pipeline_library_group_handles on RADV, VK_EXT_image_sliced_view_of_3d on RADV/GFX10+, and VK_KHR_map_memory2 on ANV and RADV.

The release of version 23.1.0 marks a significant update for Mesa Graphics Drivers, and the benefits will vary based on the Linux distribution and update schedules. For Steam Deck users, version 23.1.0 should be available in the next major SteamOS update.

Liam Dawe, owner of GamingOnLinux, reports that the Mesa Graphics Drivers update will improve the performance of Linux with AMD GPUs, particularly for Steam Deck users. The update is considered an essential release for AMD GPUs.

To recap, version 23.1.0 of the Mesa Graphics Drivers includes support for Vulkan Graphics Pipeline Libraries (GPL), and has enhanced the Open Source driver for AMD GPUs. Further highlights include support for RADV video decoding, new extensions and features, and more.

Overall, version 23.1.0 is proving to be a significant update for Mesa Graphics Drivers. The update should lead to smoother gaming performance on Linux, particularly for those using AMD GPUs and the Steam Deck.

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