Can you Play Street Fighter 6 on Steam Deck?

Street Fighter 6 will be playable on Steam Deck, according to performance from the demo and recent closed beta tests. With the game’s fighting systems deeply rooted in the consistency of its framerate, not having the best performance could be troublesome. But, Valve’s plucky handheld manages to shine.

Using the demo, and looking at previous betas, Capcom wants Street Fighter 6 to be played by anyone, and that includes Steam Deck users. The game runs without any need to alter versions of Proton or make heavy changes and sacrifices to get that much-needed 60FPS performance.

Best settings for Street Fighter 6 on Steam Deck

Street Fighter 6 doesn’t support the 800p aspect ratio on the Steam Deck, so you’ll have to put up with a couple of black bars. However, being limited to 720p isn’t too bad, as it’s already a great start to get the most performance out of the device.

For Street Fighter 6, you want to change only a few settings in the “Basic” and “Detailed” graphical menus. In the “Detailed” settings, we turned down everything to Normal. However, you can tune the game to have “High” graphical effects. Though, for those spooked about consistent framerates, you can freely adjust it to be lower.

In “Basic” graphical settings, we turned off Motion Blur, Screen Space Reflection, and Ambient Occlusion. Further down, you want to also turn off the Depth of Field Effect. While these will reduce some quality of the visuals, nothing else matters other than getting that solid, smooth 60FPS.

While we suspect that the autodetecting of settings is a little generous, the game can be played with a vast majority of graphical settings on high or above. However, in our testing of the demo, we found this could cause you to hit anywhere between 45FPS and 55FPS during intense sequences – something unacceptable for a game like this.

One of gaming’s most legendary fighting games is looking to win back fans in Street Fighter 6, and you’ll be able to run it on the Steam Deck. With the development’s primary focus on making the game playable for anyone, it’s great that users of the Steam Deck will not be excluded. Optimally, the game’s fighting systems require consistent performance of 60 FPS framerate.

The game developers managed to accomplish this without requiring much effort from Steam Deck users, it doesn’t require altering versions of Proton or excessive changes, making it a smooth and straightforward process for users.

The aspect ratio of Street Fighter 6 doesn’t support the 800p aspect ratio on the Steam Deck and users will have to put up with black bars. However, since Steam Deck is limited to 720p, it’s still an excellent start to get the most performance out of the device.

Making only a few adjustments in the Basic and Detailed graphical menus are required to optimize gameplay, primarily turning off Motion Blur, Screen Space Reflection, and Ambient Occlusion. Down the line, disabling the Depth of Field effect is necessary. As with most games, several graphic settings can be turned up high. Although, it’s better to have consistent framerates, so lowering the settings is an option.

When testing the demo, graphical settings on high can cause the user to experience anywhere between 45 FPS and 55 FPS during intense sequences – this can be unsatisfactory for a game like this. It’s essential to emphasize that the server can only do so much work to keep matches fair; hence it’s essential to ensure the settings are correct for optimum performance.


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