Steam Deck Charger Issue – How To Fix “Slow Charger” Warning

The Steam Deck has captured the attention of gaming enthusiasts worldwide with its impressive design and performance. With its 45W charging support and a reliable battery, the console promises a long-lasting and seamless gaming experience. However, charging the console can be a bit of a hassle due to certain restrictions. Users might experience the “Slow Charger” warning on their Steam Deck, especially when they use unofficial chargers.

So, what causes the Slow Charger warning on Steam Deck, and how can you fix it? In this article, we will answer these questions and offer you solutions.

What Is the “Slow Charger” Warning on Steam Deck?

The “Slow Charger” warning on Steam Deck pops up when users plug in an incompatible, slow power adapter to charge the battery. The Steam Deck has a 5,313mAh battery, and it requires a 45W charger to power up. The charger that comes with the Steam Deck box is a proprietary one that supports this power output. However, most standard mobile chargers only output up to 18W or 30W, which is not enough to charge the console properly. Therefore, when users plug in an incompatible charger, the Steam Deck does not receive enough power and will charge more slowly. In certain cases, plugging in a charger with a power output under 20W will keep discharging the console.

How to Fix the “Slow Charger” Warning on Steam Deck

If you want to fix the Slow Charger warning on your Steam Deck, you have several options:

Use a Compatible Charger:
The “Slow Charger” warning appears when your charger does not have the required power output to charge the console. Thus, you must use an appropriate 45W charger, power bank, or the official Steam Deck charger. This will ensure that the handheld device receives the necessary power to charge itself, resulting in longer playtime.

Try Another Charging Cable:
A faulty USB-C cable might be another cause of the Slow Charger warning on your Steam Deck. Thus, try using another USB-C cable to charge the console. Ensure that the connection between the cable and charging pins is perfect.

Try Charging with a Power Bank:
A power bank is a great alternative to a charger, especially when you are traveling. As long as you have a compatible power bank that supports over 45W charging, then the Steam Deck should charge without displaying the Slow Charger warning.

Restart Your Steam Deck:
As a last resort, you can restart your Steam Deck. This option might fix any software-related bugs that may be causing the Slow Charger warning.


Steam Deck has disrupted the gaming world with its compact size and high-performance capabilities. However, when it comes to charging, the Steam Deck has its restrictions. Fortunately, with the solutions provided in this article, you can fix the “Slow Charger” warning on your Steam Deck. By doing so, you can prolong your gaming sessions and enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience.

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