Steam Deck News Round-Up for early May 2023

Since there’s so much happening and it can be hard to keep track, here’s a little round-up of some happenings with the Steam Deck (and Steam as a whole) plus a little gaming news. Hopefully, this little time-saver will keep you up to speed on what’s been happening. The full overview can be watched in the video below:

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Steam Deck Verified hitting over 9,000.
  • Valve limiting store pages videos.
  • Steam search upgraded.
  • Heroic Games Launcher updates.
  • Proton 8.0-2.
  • Proton Experimental update for May 5th.
  • GE-Proton 8-1 and also GE-Proton 8-2.
  • Steam Deck OS 3.4.8 Preview.
  • Nintendo takes down emulation tools.
  • Games: Soul Survivors and Swarm Grinder.

Valve is working hard to ensure users have a seamless experience with the Steam Deck. In its latest effort, Valve has limited store page videos to two per game. This move enables users to see enough of a game trailer without the need to spend too much time watching videos, thereby saving time.

Valve has also made significant upgrades to the Steam search functionality. The search now includes more details to refine search results. When users enter game titles, the search will offer relevant games as suggestions. The upgrade should help reduce the amount of time users need to search for their favorite games.

The Heroic Games Launcher has been updated to version 2.3.7. Heroic is a popular game launcher that works alongside Steam, providing seamless integration for games. The new update includes several enhancements and bug fixes.

Proton 8.0-2 is a version of the popular open-source compatibility layer, used to run Windows games on Linux. It features several stability and performance improvements, and its update to Proton Experimental is also available for May 5th.

Gamers seeking an optimal Linux gaming experience can choose between two new versions of the compatibility layer GE-Proton. GE-Proton 8-1 and GE-Proton 8-2 both offer improved stability and performance, enabling users to run more games with better performance on their Steam Deck.

Steam Deck OS 3.4.8 Preview also boasts several many new features that enhance user experience. The OS now has an updated GNOME desktop environment and a new kernel version (5.15.1).

Unfortunately, Nintendo has taken down some popular emulation tools. This move follows the company’s long-standing efforts to protect its intellectual property and ensure that its games are played only on designated consoles. The move may prove upsetting to gamers who could previously play the company’s older titles on emulator platforms.

Finally, there have been some new game releases to look out for. Soul Survivors is a highly anticipated survival horror game that promises to deliver a thrilling experience. Swarm Grinder, an RPG with hordes of enemies, is also a game worth checking out when it arrives on Steam.

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