Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy are working tirelessly to fix The Last of Us game and have released the latest version 1.0.3. This new patch comes with several changes that are exclusive to the Steam Deck platform. These changes aim to make the game smoother and more user-friendly.

The major improvements are focused on solving issues that have previously been reported by users. For example, the native UI no longer overlaps with the ‘Look’ prompt. Additionally, the DualSense™ motion sensor function now registers when the player shakes the camera to fix the flashlight when prompted. Players are now able to enjoy an increased size of the Arcade’s mini-game button on the user interface, thanks to the latest patch.

While performance upgrades for the Steam Deck platform are still a work in progress, desktop Linux has recorded significant progress with the game playing smoothly. Despite no official support yet, Neil Druckmann, co-president of Naughty Dog, says that “Optimization and stability (on the Steam Deck & other PC platforms) is” their highest priority.

The recent patch also includes numerous fixes for crash bugs, texture problems, and other issues.

The Last of Us game is available Humble Store and Steam. However, with several consumers reporting problems with the new release, some still remain undecided on making a purchase. The Steam Deck remains unsupported by Valve through Deck Verified, but it is expected that once developers fix issues, the game will be available on the platform.

Fans eagerly await the official release of the game on the Steam Deck, hoping for a better experience. However, with previous patches failing to improve overall smoothness of the game, fans need to remain patient.

In conclusion, Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy are actively pushing to resolve reported issues with The Last of Us game. The latest patch v1.0.3 is focused on enhancing the experience for Steam Deck users. The game is now smoother with better UI, motion sensor function, and interface. Despite no official Steam Deck’s support yet, the game remains available on Humble Store and Steam.

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