The much-awaited PC version of The Last of Us Part 1, developed by Naughty Dog, has just been released to the public, but the game is facing backlash for several issues that players have been encountering. Steam reviews for the game are currently sitting at “mostly negative.” These issues include frequent crashes, framerate problems, and long waiting times for game shaders to load during startup.

The gaming community was initially excited to play The Last of Us Part 1 on PC and Steam Deck, but many are now displeased with the initial port. This is despite the developer issuing a month-long delay to fix any potential issues. Even users with lower-end PCs are still experiencing long waiting times, while some others have noted that the game is not playing well on Steam Deck.

The developer, Naughty Dog, has acknowledged the issues and confirmed that it’s actively investigating multiple reports, and that it will address the issues in upcoming patches. They also noted that players can submit a ticket through their request page, where they have listed all the known issues.

Despite the negative feedback, some players have noted that they are not experiencing any problems while playing the game, as they have been able to play the game without any trouble. Also, if players own the game on the Epic Games Store, they can have the game character, Ellie, wear a t-shirt with a reference to Alan Wake.

In conclusion, it’s unfortunate that players are encountering so many issues while playing The Last of Us Part 1 on PC and Steam Deck. It remains to be seen when and how Naughty Dog will handle these issues, but hopefully, they will fix these problems, and the player experience will improve in the future.

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