Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed game, The Last of Us Part I has received a performance patch which has improved the game’s performance on the Steam Deck. However, the system is still affected by a major problem related to RAM usage.

After the patch, the game runs at around 30FPS even in low-quality settings with the FSR2 set to Quality. This is a significant improvement from the game’s original launch on Steam Deck. As part of the update v1.0.5.0, Naughty Dog has released various optimizations to improve the gaming experience. Additionally, by fixing texture and lighting problems, the game looks better on the Low and Medium graphics presets.

However, despite these changes, many users have reported that the Steam Deck still suffers from a significant problem. The Steam Deck shows a sudden drop in FPS with the performance overlay hitting about 14GB RAM. Afterward, the game stutters and eventually stops and reboots the system bug. This is an issue that has been seen in other big games like God of War, Sons of the Forest, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Horizon Zero Dawn, among others. Valve has not yet solved this problem or released a formal comment regarding it. However, users have reported that using CryoUtilities scripts can solve the problem in some cases.

The Last of Us Part I from Naughty Dog is available to purchase on the Humble Store and Steam. The patch notes for the most recent update include improvements such as reduced shader building times, optimized content for improved performance, implementation of additional scalability tuning, and improved level loading. These updates have helped to reduce the amount of “Please Wait” and loading screens, which can be frustrating for players.

In terms of graphics, the update has added a new setting called Effects Density. This adjusts the density and number of non-critical visual effects, which can further improve the gaming experience. The crowd sizes on Low and Medium Ambient Character Density settings have been increased, and a new Very Low option has been added.

Overall, while the update has significantly improved the performance of The Last of Us Part I on Steam Deck, the RAM usage problem still exists. Valve has yet to release a solution for this issue, but users have found CryoUtilities scripts helpful to solve the problem in some cases. With these updates, The Last of Us Part I remains a beautiful game that’s worth exploring.

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