Recently, new footage has emerged showing Ukrainian military personnel using Steam Decks to control remote turrets. As seen in the footage, the turret being controlled by on-screen controls seen on the portable PC. The specific turret shown is a Shablya model created by Global Dynamics. The model was supplied to the Ukraine armed forces via a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised over 445,000 uah ($12,000 USD) spearheaded by People’s Project.

There are a number of benefits to using a video game device over other military technology to control remote turrets. Not only are Steam Decks significantly cheaper than proprietary military control systems, but they also come with well-designed, user-friendly touchscreens and controllers that are easy to learn and use for non-experts.

While it may seem strange to use a gaming device for military purposes, this is hardly a new phenomenon. The origins of flight simulators, for example, can be traced back to early military training programs. Gaming controllers have frequently been used to control various forms of military technology, from submarines to lasers. On the more absurd side of things, players of War Thunder leaked classified military documents to rectify perceived inaccuracies in the game.

The connection between gaming and military technology is well-established. Nonetheless, the use of Steam Decks to control remote turrets is a novel and exciting development. As of now, it is unclear if Ukraine will continue to use this technology or if it will be adopted by other armed forces. Regardless, the successful deployment of Steam Decks in this context is a testament to the versatility of these devices and their broad range of potential applications.


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