Using a Steam Deck to control an automatic turret seems like a crazy concept, but you might be surprised to hear that Ukrainians have been using it to operate their automatic turret called “Sablya”. ТРО Медіа posted on Facebook with details about the remote-controlled Sablya fire complex which is designed to be fixed for special transport or real estate objects.

The combat coordination of the Sablya platform can be done remotely using cameras and monitors from a distance of up to 500 meters, ensuring the safety of its operator. The combat platform can be installed at checkpoints and borders and used to defeat low-flying enemies such as drones. Additionally, any light anti-infantry or anti-tank weapons like the machine gun Kalashnikov can also be installed on the platform.

Curiously, photos shared about Sablya show a Steam Deck being used by Ukrainian operators. The Steam Deck is, in essence, a computer with a full Linux desktop mode and a screen small enough to fit in your hands. It is not that different from using a laptop, except that it is more portable. It is also possible that the operators are just entertaining themselves with games during downtime between testing.

Regardless, the photos captured of the Steam Deck in use on the Sablya platform are a bizarre sight to behold. It is unclear whether the Steam Deck is only for entertainment purposes or if it somehow contributes to the high-tech operations of the automatic turret. However, with innovative concepts being developed every day, it is possible that more unconventional uses for the Steam Deck could arise.

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