For those who own a Steam Deck, there is a remarkable upgrade available at a great deal. Amazon is now selling the Sabrent Rocket 2230, which is an NVMe SSD with a storage capacity of 1TB for only $110. This SSD was previously available for $160 less than its initial price, which is a significant drop in price. The Sabrent Rocket 2230 is very small in size, so it is compatible with gaming laptops and Steam Decks. Replacing your Steam Deck’s internal SSD with the Sabrent Rocket 2230 SSD is a wise investment that will significantly improve your device’s performance.

The Sabrent Rocket 2230 boasts an impressive 4,750MB/s read speed, and 4,300MB/s write speed, making it a much faster upgrade for the handheld PC. Swapping in a 1TB SSD will greatly increase your device’s storage capacity, which can come in handy if you are frequently struggling for more space on your 512GB SSD. We ran some tests and found that in comparison to Steam Deck’s internal NVMe, the Sabrent Rocket 2230 far surpasses it. Although the 1TB Sabrent was clearly much faster than the Deck’s native SSD in synthetic tests, we noticed less consistent power draw with the 1TB Sabrent and less consistent speed advantage in games.

When replacing your Steam Deck’s internal SSD with the Sabrent Rocket 2230 SSD, though, be cautious not to damage the device. Upgrading it is not easy, but the effort is well worth it. Also, be aware that there is a chance that you could void your Steam Deck’s warranty.

If you prefer something smaller, Amazon offers the 256GB and 512GB versions of the same SSD for $45 and $77, respectively. The best SSD for gaming, its category includes the best solid state drives around, and the best NVMe SSD. These drives cost a bit more, but be assured that their performance is even better than that of Sabrent Rocket 2230, which is restricted to a 2230 form factor.

In conclusion, we recommend that if you own a Steam Deck, you should take advantage of this deal to upgrade your device’s performance by getting the Sabrent Rocket 2230 NVMe SSD. It may require some effort, but the result is well worth it.

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