Valve, the company behind the popular gaming platform Steam, has been working with AMD on a new set of kernel mode-setting color pipeline enhancements for the latest addition to their hardware lineup, the Steam Deck. The project is aimed at improving the color management support for AMD graphics devices that will benefit the Steam Deck.

This recent development was announced by Melissa Wen, an open-source Linux graphics driver engineer with Igalia, in a set of 40 patch notes posted for review by other contributors. According to the patch notes, the team has been focusing on enhancing the KMS color pipeline of the SteamOS, resulting in pre-blending and post-blending color property changes.

The new color management support employs various techniques including gamut mapping, HDR on SDR, SDR on HDR, plane de-gamma LUT, predefined transfer function, plane HDR multiplier, and many more. This system will benefit users of the Gamescope compositor for SteamOS, which is already using the enhanced video processing capabilities.

The project is currently a work in progress, but Melissa Wen has indicated that it is expected to be fully available in SteamOS 3.5. It will also be extended to benefit other newer AMD graphics hardware. In their current proposal, they are checking ASICs before exposing a color feature, which should allow the team to acquire 3D LUT resources that will fit DCN 3+ families supporting them. Moreover, an open-source stable solution is also in the pipeline to support any AMD HW generation.

This project has far-reaching implications for serious gamers, colorists and professionals who require accurate color representation, making it a significant step forward in the industry. The project builds upon Valve’s existing work in improving Linux HDR support and represents a commitment to continually enhance their hardware to meet the needs of consumers.

In conclusion, the new set of kernel mode-setting color pipeline enhancements for AMD graphics hardware will improve color management support for the Steam Deck and other AMD graphics hardware. The project is a work in progress, and SteamOS 3.5 is expected to have it soon. The improved video processing will be a boon for serious gamers and professionals who require accurate color representation.

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