Valve and CodeWeavers have teamed up to release the latest version of Proton, which helps Windows games to run on Linux-based operating systems such as the Steam Deck. The update, named Proton 8.0, brings several compatibility fixes for over twelve games, including Forspoken and the Dead Space remake. Additionally, it includes Steam Deck-specific fixes for many more games, addressing common issues that have been discovered by users.

One of the major fixes included in Proton 8.0 aims to solve the troublesome 2K Launcher, while another issue found in Life is Strange Remastered Collection has been resolved. Several other fixes have also been added to address less commonly occurring bugs. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has been updated for better sleep and resume functionality on handheld PCs.

To update your Steam Deck, go to your Library, search for Proton 8.0 and start the installation process. Once installed, restart the system, and you’re all set. The importance of Proton cannot be understated, especially for the Steam Deck, as the vast majority of Steam’s catalogue lacks native Linux ports. Proton 8.0 is essential to run games that have been designed for Windows operating systems without any issues, making it easier to get these games up and running.

Although not every game works perfectly on Proton, most games can be fixed with future updates, with Proton 8.0 being a prime example. Keeping Proton up-to-date on a Steam Deck or any Linux-based PC is crucial for a seamless playing experience. The update even includes hardware optimization, fixing ray tracing issues on Crysis Remastered for more powerful hardware.

If you’re a Steam Deck owner, Proton 8.0 is a must-have update that fixes common problems and works towards addressing future ones. It makes playing Windows games on Linux systems substantially easier and more reliable. Keeping Proton updated will ensure a better playing experience on the Steam Deck.

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