Valve has blessed Steam with a feature that will help gamers organize their game notes better. It has introduced a traveling notepad that syncs through the cloud, and can automatically appear on top of the correct game while in the middle of a session. This notepad comes as part of a revamp of the Steam’s In-Game Overlay in the Steam Beta.

Valve’s Notes app is more than just your average notepad app; it automatically syncs from one PC to another, through the cloud, and can be overlaid on top of the corresponding game. Valve has also intimated that the notepad can be used offline as well. The new feature is already live on the Steam Beta version.

This notebook feature is not the only one available, as Valve has enabled the ability to pin Guides, Discussions, and the Steam web browser on top of games with adjustable opacity. And Valve has taken things even further: Players can even turn this browser into a video player when playing a game.

The revamped notifications and screenshot manager are some of the other features being introduced as part of the new UI overhaul. The update will also include optional hardware acceleration for Steam’s Linux version, with the Mac version to follow, and a set of minor enhancements to other parts of the platform’s UI.

Valve is using a concurrent approach to roll out these changes across Steam Desktop, Steam Big Picture Mode, and the Steam Deck. However, currently, only the Linux version has the features, and the Deck only supports the Linux desktop mode, according to Lawrence Yang, a Valve official.

To test the traveling notebook and other features of the revamp, you will have to opt-in to the Steam Beta version. Once Valve adds these changes to a stable release, the Notebook and other features will be available to all gamers, leading to a more streamlined gaming experience.

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