Valve has recently released Proton 8.0-2 as an upgrade to the newest version of Proton, made specifically for Linux and Steam Deck.

Although it might seem like a standard update, this one is particularly important as it is specially focused on fixing a bunch of bugs. Baldur’s Gate 3, Divinity: Original Sin: Enhanced Edition, and Divinity Original Sin II: Definitive Edition had issues with getting stuck on black screens, while Path of Exile had issues with crashing and memory leaks.

Elden Ring also had issues, however, the update has marginally improved its compatibility, albeit it can still be finicky. Other known problems that were fixed with Proton 8.0-2 are Red Dead Redemption 2 and other games not starting after switching from Proton Experimental to stable.

The update comes with a temporary workaround for the EA Launcher, which often tends to break and cause a bunch of games to suddenly stop working. However, it is still a heads up that some Easy Anti-Cheat games may break with this updated version of Proton 8, so it is advised to keep an eye on it if you happen to switch any games with EAC to this update.

For those wondering how to update and use it, the update will display on your Steam Downloads page. Just select Proton 8 in the Compatibility menu of any game and tick the box.

Additionally, for Desktop Linux users, it’s important to note that Proton 8.0 requires your GPU to support Vulkan 1.3. However, the Steam Deck doesn’t need to worry about its GPU’s Vulkan support.

This update is an essential fix for gamers since it fixes several issues and bugs that were preventing them from playing their favorite games without interruptions. Although gamers might experience some issues with the Easy Anti-Cheat feature, the Proton 8.0-2 update is still considered an essential upgrade and a great addition to Valve’s Proton project.

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