Valve’s Steam Deck is primed to disrupt both the console and PC gaming industries, as forecasted by analyst firm Omdia. The hybrid device, which can be used both as a handheld console and a PC, is expected to sell over 3 million units by the end of 2023. This would include the 1.62 million units sold in 2022 and the projected 1.85 million units to be sold throughout the course of the current year.

The Steam Deck is designed to be a go-between device for gamers who value the portability of handheld consoles while retaining the power and flexibility of PC gaming. This offering makes the benefits to PC gamers substantial, especially since the Steam Deck can comfortably operate alongside consoles and PCs.

The Steam Deck has been a highly successful venture for Valve, having exceeded previous reports that indicated over 1 million units sold back in October 2022. Valve’s success is considerable, especially when considering the notorious flop of the Steam Machines, which they hoped would thrust them into the console market.

Omdia predicts that other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) will soon release their own handheld-PC hybrids, potentially powered by SteamOS, which is the same handheld-optimized operating system that runs on the Steam Deck. ASUS, one such OEM, has already revealed its ROG Ally handheld-PC combo that is more powerful than Valve’s original offering.

Valve has confirmed that new Steam Deck models are in development, which they call “multi-generational hardware,” and are currently experimenting with new hardware concepts for better PC gaming in living rooms. It remains to be seen what new features Valve will add to its already impressive hardware lineup. However, they are likely to take their time since the Steam Deck took nearly five years to develop.

The Steam Deck’s success is symbolic of the gaming industry’s ever-changing environment. There is now a growing demand from gamers for more hybrids, especially those that blur the line between consoles and PCs. With the Steam Deck, Valve has managed to create an innovative gaming device that gives gamers what they want without sacrificing the power, flexibility and portability of modern gaming.

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