A report from Omdia has revealed that Valve’s Steam Deck is expected to reach 3 million sales by the end of 2023. The sales figures for the Steam Deck were estimated to be around 1.6 million in 2022, with expected sales of 1.9 million throughout 2023. However, Valve has remained tight-lipped on the actual figures, understandable considering the negative coverage surrounding it from the major gaming press.

Despite being a niche device, the Steam Deck is outperforming big competitors such as Nintendo and Microsoft. Valve doesn’t need to sell millions of units each month as it is part of a single ecosystem where they continue to earn a 30% cut of Steam games. Although there is a retail presence across Asia, the Deck can typically only be purchased on Steam or Komodo, making it hard to gauge its success.

The Steam Deck falls under handheld devices, aimed at adults and offering a limited market in comparison to consoles. Thanks to its size, it is not as portable as previous handheld devices, making it an option for a very specific demographic. Despite this, it is believed that over 42% of people who bought a Steam Deck spent most of their gaming time using it.

Valve has not yet decided the release date of the Steam Deck 2, allowing you to buy the first iteration if you want to play PC games on the go. It is available in select countries, and Valve needs to improve its retail presence to reach an even broader audience.

The Steam Platform has been profitable, and Valve is a private company with nothing to prove to anyone but themselves. The profit earned through Steam has allowed Valve to remain a family business, 100% owned by GabeN and his family.

Three million sales for the Steam Deck is still a fantastic number, as this device was relatively unknown until its release. The Steam Deck will prove to be a great device for gamers who want to play PC games on the go, attracting a specific demographic.

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