Valve’s Steam Deck has completed its first year, and as a treat, Valve is offering a one-time sale on the device with 10% off on all the hardware configurations, valid until March 23rd as part of the Spring Software Sale. The Steam Deck has remained popular and in high demand since it was launched last year. For many months, it topped Steam’s top-sale list, and Valve struggled to fulfill pre-order demands. However, the situation has vastly improved, and Valve has made Steam Deck units available on Steam for purchase without pre-order since October, with delivery taking only one to two weeks.

This is the first officially offered sale on the Steam Deck, and this limited time offer brings the prices down, providing a fantastic opportunity to get the excellent portable gaming device. In the US, the prices for the three hardware configurations are now as follows: $359.10 (64GB eMMC), $476.10 (256GB NVMe), and $584.10 (512GB NVMe).

Compared to the Nintendo Switch, which has not seen an official price drop in its six-year history, this is exciting news. Though the Switch has had retailer-specific sales like Black Friday deals, Valve’s sale is the first official price reduction on the Steam Deck.

The technical specifications of the Steam Deck are impressive, with powerful chips, advanced GPUs, and, for some hardware configurations, fast SSD storage options, thus providing a seamless gaming experience with spectacular graphics. The highly portable device is also PC-friendly, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer PC gaming.

Valve recently announced that a more powerful Steam Deck could be expected in a few years, although a less in-depth makeover could come sooner. Still, if you are considering purchasing the first-generation Steam Deck, now is a great time to do so with the 10% discount offer.

In celebration of its one-year anniversary, Valve has finally put the Steam Deck on sale, offering the 10% discount, which is a significant saving. If you want to upgrade your gaming experience on-the-go, the Steam Deck is an excellent choice. The highly portable Steam Deck provides demanding games with fantastic graphics, and this timely offer is a great opportunity to snap it up.

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