Valve’s Steam Deck has been seen in an unexpected role in Ukraine, acting as a remote controller for a machine gun turret. The turret in question is named “Sablya,” a Ukrainian automated remote-controlled fire complex designed to be installed on stationary objects or special transport vehicles.

Ukrainian news company, TPO Media, posted pictures on Facebook of the Sablya device in action, and one of the images revealed a Steam Deck being used to control the gun remotely. The Steam Deck has a camera that forms part of the machine gun, providing the operator with a view through its screen. The device can also control the machine gun remotely, operating up to 500 meters away. This feature means the operator can remain hidden and protected while operating the gun.

Apart from its primary use as a remote-controlled machine gun, the turret can also be mounted with various firearms and can take out low-flying drones. While it is an automated machine gun, it cannot function independently without operator input.

It is unlikely that Valve will be on board with the Ukrainian Army using Steam Deck for this function. The Steam Deck is an open platform, but it was not designed for military use. Despite this, there is little the company can do to stop the technology from being used in this way.

The Steam Deck was originally conceived as a gaming device but has since been hailed as a versatile mobile workstation. It can run most applications that can run on a PC and can be used for anything from coding to multimedia editing. While the Steam Deck may not have been developed with military applications in mind, its versatility and open platform make it a popular choice for many users.

In conclusion, the Steam Deck’s newfound role as a controller for a machine gun turret in Ukraine indicates the versatility of this device and the potential for future applications outside of its original design scope. However, it also highlights the dangers of technology being used for purposes other than intended.

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