Valve, the digital distribution company known globally for its gaming platform Steam, has made some significant changes to its desktop client. In a recent update, the platform has seen a complete overhaul, updating its outdated design with new features that users may find very useful.

One of the most noticeable changes is the updated design, which will cause the menus, the in-game overlay, and the download bar at the bottom of the page to look different. The platform’s user interface is now more aesthetically pleasing, with many fans having praised Valve for its new look. The Overlays and more have also been redesigned. Still, Valve’s addition of features such as note-taking, a better web browser, and better integration with Steam’s community guides is notable.

Another interesting change is the addition of Big Picture mode. Originally designed for couch gaming on the Steam Machines, Big Picture mode has been replaced to work with the Steam Deck user interface when gaming. The Steam mobile app has also been redesigned, with users getting a QR code option for new PC log-ins.

For the in-game overlay, Valve has added a note-taking feature that will remain somewhat opaque to ensure that players can stay focused on what they’re doing while taking notes. Valve has also included a revamped toolbar and a better screenshot manager that should make life a bit easier for users.

Regarding the in-game update, the built-in web browser is now more fleshed-out. Users can also take advantage of the feature to watch movies while playing if they wish. If you are a Mac or Linux user, you will find that Valve has released dedicated updates that will improve your experience.

If you would like to try out the beta version of the Steam client, it’s pretty simple to get started. You can visit the settings menu, choose “Account,” and opt to participate in the beta program. Once you have completed the installation process, you can restart your client and get started.

In summary, Valve’s recent update of its Steam desktop client offers much more than just visual changes. The new features will provide users with a more versatile and updated platform that appeals to their needs. With the update, Valve makes sure that its aging storefront is up to the task of serving its millions of users worldwide.

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