With the release of Street Fighter 6 coming up soon, players are wondering whether the game can be played on Valve’s upcoming handheld console, the Steam Deck. The Steam Deck has been the talk of the town since its announcement, promising on-the-go gaming with the performance of a PC. Therefore, it’s understandably exciting for gaming enthusiasts to know if the Steam Deck will be compatible with Street Fighter 6.

Fortunately, according to the available information, Street Fighter 6 will indeed be playable on the Steam Deck. Capcom has planned for multiple platforms, including Steam, where Street Fighter 6 will be available. As the Steam Deck is designed to run games from the Steam library, it will support Street Fighter 6 on the device.

Therefore, the Steam Deck will provide gamers with the opportunity to play Street Fighter 6 on the go. However, it is important to keep in mind that fighting games are heavily reliant on frame rates, so it is essential to use the best settings when playing SF6 on Steam Deck.

For the best possible frame rates when playing Street Fighter 6 on Steam Deck, we recommend changing the settings to Normal under the Detailed settings option. It will enable you to enjoy a smoother graphical performance, delivering the most out of the Steam Deck while playing SF6. Besides, it’s also critical to turn off Motion Blur, Depth of Field Effect, Ambient Occlusion, and Space Reflection, located under the Basic settings.

It’s important to note that competitive players might not be able to expect the same performance on Steam Deck as they would on other platforms. While the device aims to deliver PC-level gaming, its performance may fall short with more demanding games such as SF6.

In conclusion, Valve’s Steam Deck supports Street Fighter 6, a title that will be available on multiple platforms, including PC. It offers gamers the flexibility to play the game on-the-go and promises to be a great handheld console. By following the recommended settings, players can expect to achieve the best possible experience while playing Street Fighter 6 on Steam Deck.

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