For those who love augmented reality (AR) glasses, Nreal recently unveiled changes that fans should know about. The first big announcement is that Nreal will change its name to XREAL. This rebranding decision came amid issues with Epic Games that saw the gaming company arguing that Nreal sounded too similar to their Unreal brand, which includes Unreal Engine and Unreal Tournament.

Aside from the name change, XREAL has been working on new innovations in the AR industry. One of which is the XREAL Spatial Display. This feature allows for 3DoF head tracking or AR mode for every phone or PC app, not just limited to its Android app or Nebula. Users will need a new device called the XREAL Beam for Spatial Display to work. This device, sized similarly to an iPod, can connect to different devices via wireless and wired connections. It will be available for pre-order soon.

XREAL also unveiled new display modes for its AR glasses. The first is called Smooth Follow, which is an improvement on fixed projection mirroring by utilizing algorithms to keep the display steady during sudden movements. The second is Sideview and, as the name suggests, reduces visual interference by displaying the projection on a side window while walking, for instance.

Nreal users can expect a firmware update in the coming months that will bring XREAL Air AR glasses from a 60Hz refresh rate to 90Hz. Additionally, Nebula for Windows and Nebula for SteamOS are also in the works and scheduled to be released soon.

All in all, these announcements signify a promising future for XREAL in the AR industry.


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