Tabletop RPGs can be a veritable time-sink, with some Dungeon Masters devoting hours to crafting the ideal virtual or material map for the finale of their D&D adventures. If you crave a little extra “oomph” for your sessions, then you may wish to look into a certain Kickstarter, where you can purchase a 3D-printed portal that allows you to fashion your own misty gates. The effect is truly remarkable.

Black Scrolls Games offers an innovative twist on 3D-printed terrain pieces for Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, taking the traditional grid-based combat to a whole new level. Not only do their pieces provide a visual aid of the battlefield, but they also come with portal pieces allowing you to create an immersive, swirling gate effect that can be made even more spectacular if used horizontally – like a witch’s cauldron from FromSoftware’s Souls series. But before you choose to back this Kickstarter, make sure you have a 3D printer to make these pieces come to life.

Act 1” of the Kickstarter presents a veritable cornucopia of portals which can be assembled in a myriad of ways, from one featuring a pond that drains to reveal a hidden dungeon, to another with a mystical tree portal known as Summoned Souls. While these pieces aren’t obligatory for a successful D&D campaign, they can certainly add a special flourish for GMs who take pride in their presentation. With a commitment of just $45, backers can receive the full set in 3D printer format.

In a stir of controversy, Wizards of the Coast recently attempted to modify a few vital components of the OGL, the agreement that delineates the connection between the D&D proprietor and third-party content producers. Unfortunately, their endeavor was met with vehement disapproval from gamers and vendors, leading the organization to abandon their endeavor. On March 31, the Dungeons & Dragons movie Honor Among Thieves will be released to the public.

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