Just because the first two Payday titles have been a success, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Starbreeze is prepared to rest on their laurels with the upcoming Payday 3. Tobias Sjogren, the chief of Starbreeze, told GI.biz that both followers and the gaming industry are expecting the third instalment to soar to higher heights. Far from taking it easy, Sjogren claims that the team is aiming to exceed expectations.

“When I worked at DICE all those years ago, I recall a meeting with EA about Battlefield 2,” Sjogren reminisced. “We had a strong feeling of assurance, with the success of the original Battlefield, yet a higher-up with EA reminded us that just because it had been successful before, did not ensure that it would be a guaranteed success in the future.”

“You’re only as good as your next game,” Sjogren remembers a sage saying. “It’s a lesson that sticks with me, a reminder that the accomplishments of yesterday bear little on what’s to come. In this industry, yesteryear’s successes can offer some strength, but they can never be a substitute for the actions of the present. That’s particularly pertinent for Payday 3.”

As for whether he’s feeling the pressure of Payday 3 more than that of Starbreeze’s other titles, Sjogren confessed that the magnitude of the Payday franchise might be the cause.

“Maybe from a vantage point that this is indisputably one of the contests that I’ve taken part in that has the greatest viewership. There’s an enormous amount of individuals that are about to observe this,” he asserted.

Starbreeze has revealed that the Payday franchise has connected with 40 million individuals, thus making it an exceptionally important aspect of their financial performance. Sjogren may not be personally anxious about the game, yet it will certainly have a major impact on the corporation’s overall outcomes. Payday 3, which is to be situated in New York, is all set to be launched at some point in 2013.

Starbreeze’s preceding title, Overkill’s The Walking Dead, proved to be a disappointment for fans, yet Payday 3 is already receiving financial backing through a hefty agreement with Koch Media.

The Payday franchise is transcending the boundaries of its previous titles, as evidenced by its upcoming live-action incarnation. This conversion heralds a new era of interaction with the beloved series.

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