When James Gunn and Peter Safran proclaimed the dawn of the new DC Universe, there was no trace of Shazam in its roadmap, leaving admirers to feel as if the forthcoming sequel would be a sorrowful finale for the saga. However, helmsman David F. Sandberg has a message of encouragement for those grieving Zachary Levi’s comic-book superhero.

Responding to a fan worried about the uncertainty around the series, Sandberg replied that the “chance for additional Shazam is there,” yet only if moviegoers go and view the movie.

“He definitely won’t if folks don’t show up to the theater,” Sandberg declared when asked if Shazam would have a part in the DC Universe’s future. “I’m told nothing in the Shazam pictures contradicts the direction they are headed. So the potential for further Shazam stories exists and, if that’s what you want, your best bet is to head to the cinema.”

Despite the optimistic outlook, Shazam’s box office returns may be hampered by the release of other highly anticipated films in the same weekend, most notably Little. Initial projections have the faith-based drama opening to around $17 million to $20 million, denting Shazam’s potential earnings.
Moreover, the film’s R-rating may also limit its appeal to younger audiences, who are typically drawn to superhero films. Ultimately, only time will tell if Shazam will be able to break through the competition and become a box office success.

With anticipation relatively subdued, Shazam’s destiny could hinge on its capacity to surpass expectations as its progenitor did.

Amidst a bustling landscape of DCU projects, the studio is forging ahead with its ambitious plans for the future, beginning with the first slate of movies starring the trinity of Superman, Batman, and Swamp Thing. Meanwhile, the unprecedented success of Joker has already spurred a follow-up featuring Lady Gaga, and Matt Reeves’ acclaimed The Batman is now set to be a threepart epic. As for Black Adam, it appears to be on the backburner for the time being.

We’ll ascertain whether Shazam is heading for a comparable outcome when it premieres on March 17.

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