Previously, DMZ’s Contraband weapons were unable to be altered, but with the latest installment of Call of Duty: Warzone 2, a workbench feature has been added to allow players to customize their Contraband items. Here is all the essential information you need to know about this new functionality.

Rewrite: Uncovering the Mysterious Locations of Workbenches

The Workbench in DMZ provides a secure environment for the development and testing of applications, services, and resources. It is a powerful tool that enables developers to quickly and safely develop, test, and deploy applications and services without fear of compromising the security of the DMZ. With the Workbench in DMZ, developers can quickly and easily develop, test, and deploy applications and services without the risk of compromising the security of the DMZ.

Season 3 of DMZ introduces a new addition to the maps: workbenches. Though not mapped, these can be located by proceeding to the nearest Buy Station, where one would discover the workbench, resembling a black tool cabinet on wheels.

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The workbench operates in a similar fashion to the Gunsmith feature, allowing you to customize one of your currently equipped weapons with a variety of attachments to create the perfect build. However, there are certain restrictions and limitations to keep in mind.

Ensuring a financial cushion is paramount before embarking on this endeavor; for every addition, there will be a corresponding cost. Fortunately, the Buy Station is nearby to offload all one’s accumulated assets.

The workbench facilitates you to pay a staggering sum of $3,000 for every accessory. Comparable to the Battle Royale and multiplayer mode, you are permitted to equip a maximum of five extras. In case you wish to completely upgrade a weapon with five attachments, you have to pay $15,000.

The workbench will grant you complete control over the arsenal of weapon add-ons you have gained access to during your gameplay, and any attachments that have yet to be unlocked will remain concealed and inaccessible.

Most illicit arms you procure in the Demilitarized Zone will come equipped with at least one to two modifications, but don’t fret, there’s no fee to obliterate augmentations at the fabrication station. Just be certain you positively don’t want the addition as you won’t be able to reclaim it.

Uncovering the secrets of how to tailor your arsenal of contraband armaments for maximum devastation in the DMZ may prove to be a challenge, but with the proper guidance, you can quickly learn to wield them with devastating effect.

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