Remember Dbrand? They released Darkplates for PlayStation 5, an unofficial accessory for the faceplates of Sony’s popular console. The company was so confident that Sony would not sue them, and it literally asked the tech giant to try. However, Sony did sue Dbrand, causing the Darkplates’ withdrawal. Now the company has returned with a new unauthorized product. Dbrand is targeting a company known for unleashing its lawyers, even if there is just a hint of copyright infringement-Nintendo. Specifically, the PS5 Darkplate company is selling stickers to turn your Switch into The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s limited edition version.

The Dbrand stickers known as the Clone of the Kingdom set, resemble, but are slightly different from Nintendo’s design for the TOTK special edition. They are available for the Nintendo Switch base model, OLED version, and even the Steam Deck, for $49.95. Also, this time the company has included a secret message in the runes. The Switch dock sticker has some runes that when translated means “Go fuck yourself lawyers,” while the code around the logo says, “This is our legal defense.”

Image of Clone of the Kingdom by Dbrand

Image source: via Dbrand

Dbrand has some cocky messages on the webpage for its products, a section titled The Power of Plagiarism states “Contrary to popular belief, you need to spend money to save money. Specifically, by giving it to us.” The limited edition variant of the Nintendo Switch is priced at $359.99; Dbrand is up to the challenge of charging customers slightly less for a “creative reinterpretation” of the overpriced novelty console. “If a dollar saved is a dollar earned, Clone of the Kingdom is the easiest $310.04 you’ve ever made,” writes Dbrand.

Image of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Image source: via Nintendo

Nintendo will undoubtedly scramble its legal team to attempt to get the site taken down and get pending orders cancelled. Dbrand is known for its viral marketing strategy and tries to make as many sales as possible before receiving a cease and desist order from a company, in this case, Nintendo. However, Nintendo is known for doubling down on legal implications for accused parties. The company’s lawyers may not be as lenient about it as Sony was with Dbrand.


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