It’s a momentous occasion for Destiny 2, with the highly-anticipated Lightfall expansion finally released. Steam reports the expansion’s launch has propelled the game to a stunning new level of concurrent players.

The game has achieved a new record for Bungie on Steam, with a peak of over 300,000 concurrent players! Data from SteamDB shows that Destiny 2’s previous highest concurrent player count was around 128,000, so the impact of Lightfall on the game’s numbers is clear, as Bungie had expected.

Destiny 2 is also accessible to console gamers, meaning the massive 300,000 peak concurrent player statistic is merely a hint of the game’s overall fanbase. It’s believed that the introduction of Lightfall also drove up the number of players on PlayStation and Xbox.

Destiny 2 beckons you to venture forth, with the Lightfall expansion available as a standalone purchase for a mere $50, or as part of the Annual Pass for the grand sum of $100.

The arrival of Lightfall heralds a glimmer of hope for the Guardians of Destiny 2 as they prepare to embark on an all-new adventure, ushering in the start of a brand-new year and a fresh season of content. With Defiance comes an abundance of opportunities, from Exotics to collect, weekly missions to tackle, and activities to experience. To get the full scope of what the new season has to offer, be sure to check out GameSpot’s comprehensive guide on all the new goodies to be found.

Explore GameSpot’s Lightfall story primer for an in-depth overview of the events that have transpired since the unveiling of the Beyond Light expansion in November 2020. Delve into the intricacies of the lore and become privy to the secrets of the universe, from the mysteries of the Darkness to the secrets of the Light. Uncover the tales of the Guardians and their foes, and gain a better understanding of the events that shape their universe.

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