The long-teased Destiny 2 and Among Us union is finally here, in tandem with the release of Lightfall. Those willing to take on a few rounds of the game can reap the rewards of a number of Destiny 2-inspired cosmetics.

Time is running out! Get your hands on the exclusive Guardian Cosmicube, available only until May 30th, by collecting 3,500 Beans – no money required! This one-of-a-kind bundle comes with a host of Destiny-2-inspired goodies, such as Guardian outfits, a Starhorse hat, and various creatures from the game, like the Hive Worm. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – start gathering your Beans now to secure your chance at this limited edition prize!

An illustration depicting a plethora of the Destiny 2 ornamentations being added to the Among Us repertoire.

The update also brings a facelift to the UI, alongside a host of changes and corrections. The announcements window has been completely transformed, enabling players to view past notifications in-game. Player reports have been modernized, as have pet-petting icons. More UI improvements to come. Additionally, a variety of bug fixes have been implemented.

In other Destiny 2 news, the much-anticipated Lightsfall expansion is here, shattering the game’s concurrent player record on Steam and bringing forth a slew of fixes and changes, such as a Guardian rank system and difficulty adjustments.

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