Guardian Ranks are an enthralling enhancement to Destiny 2 since its Lightfall era commenced, providing players with a guide to give insight into their aptitude in a variety of activities. Now that it has been in effect for a month–and has undergone alterations–Bungie is examining how it will evolve Guardian Ranks over the near and far future.

“It’s become apparent that we have not met the mark of our objectives, prompting us to take action based on the constructive feedback we have received,” Bungie declared in a recent communique. “Though the introductory Guardian Ranks have given us a valuable insight into the behaviour of New Lights, we are constantly striving to better the system for all Guardians.”

Guardian Ranks will be reset at the start of every season, but Bungie are working hard to ensure the process of renewal is as swift as possible. Showing off the highest rank achieved during the prior season, anyone reaching an even greater milestone will proudly display their new title.

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Season 21’s revamped Guardian Ranks display will provide a plethora of inspiration. From new rewards to unique perks, it’s sure to whet the appetite of any Vault Hunter. Take a gander at the revamped selections and discover what new opportunities await!

To revive your standing, you’ll need to devote your attention to clearing the
azure-hued stages of the Guardian Rank advancement, since such categories will not be reset. Positions that you don’t re-instate will diminish at the termination of a season. Accolades will also partially reset every season, however your Accolade score and breakdown will be documented every season.

Season 21 will usher in a new addition to the Journey view, showcasing your current season’s history with an array of data: Guardian Ranks, Commendation score, breakdown of Commendations, Seasonal Challenges, and Triumphs score.

A revamp of the Exotic Engram Decoder for Master Rahool in the Tower is in the works for Season of the Deep, as well as updated buildcrafting mods for simpler Armor Charge activation, and adjustments to the Seasonal Artifact to facilitate the refunding of individual perks.

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