Commendations were set to be a tantalizing addition to Destiny 2’s Lightfall era, with the ambition to honor other players who had somehow enriched the experience. Yet, the implementation of the system has been rather disappointing, with Guardians habitually issuing commendations without thought, due to their connection to levelling. Bungie has introduced a few alterations to the method in which commendations feed into Guardian Ranks, and more alterations are imminent.

As part of a lengthy exposition concerning prospective plans for Destiny 2 and its
reaction to feedback since Lightfall’s introduction, Bungie initially sketched out the
meaning of commendations. “Commendations are intended to establish cycles of appreciation
so that players are grateful for one another,” it elucidated. “They should affirm that the
most praised Guardians are those who have acquired the admiration of their peers by aiding
them out.”

The cumulative nature of commendations ensures that your score is carried over between seasons; however, only a fraction of it will be kept. Your commendation breakdown, detailing the various types of commendations you have earned, will also be retained.

To ensure your accomplishments stay with you as you progress, a new area on the Journey screen in Season 21 will showcase your “recent seasonal history”. This will highlight your commendation score and breakdown, Triumph, challenges and Guardian Ranks. It’s a great way to keep track of your achievements and remember the progress you’ve made.

The latest update to Destiny 2 has arrived in Season 21, featuring a new and improved Journey screen. Long-time fans of the game are sure to appreciate the changes, giving them greater control over their in-game experience than ever before. Now, Guardians can easily track their progress, jump into new activities, and keep up-to-date on their goals.

Having already diminished the amount of commendations needed to ascend Guardian Ranks 7-11, Bungie confessed that the current system is “too closely aligned with advancement,” affirming they have toil to perform but that “schemes are already in action.”

“We’re recalibrating certain metrics to allow active players to be far more meticulous when it comes to awarding commendations, without having to fret over the number they have already given and its impact on their objectives,” Bungie elucidated.

Previously, players had to grind to accumulate 20 commendations each week to be eligible for a Powerful reward from Hawthorne. Now, that number has been substantially reduced to just five, providing players with a reprieve from the need to rapidly hand out commendations before the match ends.

Another issue that has been raised is the higher Guardian Ranks. With the advent of Season 21, there will be a shift in the Leadership commendations required to reach ranks 10 and 11, as these will start to be registered in retrospect for the season. Thus, any commendations that you receive while being at a lower rank will be taken into account when you reach the last two ranks.

At long last, a novel accolade is set to arrive “in the near future”: the Best Dressed honor. Alongside this, the criteria for receiving such a distinction will be revised and specific requirements for partaking in a specific activity will be needed, likely in an effort to stop players from exploiting the system to rapidly send commendations.

It’s apparent that commendations still require additional effort to reach their designated aim. As things are right now, their initial roll-out led to gamers cultivating deleterious practices and completely undermined their significance, however these revisions at least resonate as an action towards the right path.

Bungie has unveiled an array of modifications to their beloved game, including an innovative Exotic engram focusing system, revamped Guardian Rank adjustments, and a selection of cutting-edge armor mods. These updates were revealed in a recent blog post.

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