With the latest release of Diablo 4 in just a few weeks, questions have arisen about campaign progression while playing in co-op mode. Luckily, Rod Fergusson, the general manager in charge of development, has provided insightful details on this. On Twitter, Fergusson responded to a player and explained that the host of the party would own the progress of the story quest while everyone else progresses. If for any reason, one player’s progress is misaligned with the group, they need to catch up before gaining any story quest progress or experience points.

For groups playing together who may worry about being different levels, Blizzard has made sure to scale the game individually for each player to enjoy playing together comfortably. Questline progress aside, even new players who have not made much progress can play alongside higher-level players without hiding in a corner.

With this news, it is clear that Diablo 4 will welcome newcomers to the franchise and those who are just new to the game. For an even better experience, the general manager suggests that the player with the least amount of progress should host the party to keep everyone at an equal place in the story.

Diablo 4 is set to launch on June 6 worldwide for all major gaming platforms, including PlayStation and Xbox series, PC, and more. If players pre-order the Deluxe or Ultimate editions, the launch will be on June 2.

This development is another feature for the gaming industry, where friends can enjoy playing together on shared quests, regardless of their progress levels. With individual scaling, co-op players get to play as equals, and new players will be able to enjoy the game without being impacted by a higher-level party member. Within a few weeks from the planned release date, fans of the franchise can get to experience these features and explore more of the game.


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