A not-inconsiderable magnitude of Destiny 2 aficionados have been deprived of experiencing a cutscene near the outset of the recent Season of Defiance’s narrative. That’s a misfortune since sans it, a plethora of gamers have forfeited their opportunity to hear Crow, everyone’s beloved morose figure, refer to himself as “beefy.”

As Amanda and Crow faced off, their long-buried secrets were revealed in a flurry of tension. After Crow‘s surprise appearance, Amanda failed to control her rage and shot him on sight. Though Crow was brought back to life by his Ghost, the confrontation only served to deepen the divide between them. Amanda had discovered that her close friend was responsible for the death of her beloved Cayde-6 in a past life, and the cutscene saw the two grapple with this knowledge, struggling to come to terms with one another’s pasts.

The cutscene, which for some reason seemed to evade the perception of a lot of players, had allegedly not manifested following the completion of the Defiant Battleground mission – a part of this Season of Defiance. Though most Destiny 2 gamers simply escape missions as soon as they’ve conquered it, several responses to the tweet mentioned that they waited through the typically appearing countdown, only to be met with nothing. Apparently, a lot of players weren’t even aware that there was a cutscene they were missing until they observed other folks discussing it on the internet.

Contemplating the notion that the narrative between these two characters was prominently placed so early in the season, one can safely come to the conclusion that they could be indispensable to the remainder of the Season of Defiance. Here’s wishing that there are no more scenes that gamers miss as the plot continues to unravel over the upcoming months.

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