Mario’s eagerly-anticipated next big-screen leap is on the horizon, and with it comes a wave of enthusiasm from those involved in the project — with Chris Pratt’s performance being lauded despite the apprehension of some fans.

In an illuminating discussion with _Total Film_, highlighted by _GameSpot_, the co-director of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Aaron Horvath, defended the contentious decision to cast Pratt as Mario. It was clearly a divisive move when it was initially revealed in 2021, yet Horvath maintained that it had a “total sense” to it.

“He’s the ideal manifestation of a blue-collar hero, one with a surplus of compassion,” Horvath said to Total Film. “Mario is the perfect fit for the role, in terms of how we’ve depicted him in our movie.”

Horvath isn’t the first on the project to stand up for Pratt’s portrayal of Mario, with producer Chris Meledandri addressing fan qualms on multiple occasions. Meledandri acknowledged worries about Pratt’s employment of an Italian accent, subsequently stating: “When people listen to Chris Pratt’s performance, the criticisms will dissipate.”

Fans got a tantalizing glimpse of the plumber’s big-screen adventure last October, sparking a wave of speculation on what they could expect. But when the actor described his performance as “totally unique to the Mario world,” Twitter was abuzz with fans who quickly reminded him that it was, in fact, just his regular speaking voice.

Skepticism had been pervasive even before the Mario footage unveiled Pratt’s vocal rendition for the part, with many querying why the franchise’s time-honored vocalist Charles Martinet wasn’t given the role. The movie is set to include cameos from Martinet, who is still evidently partial to the role, having once proclaimed his desire to “voice Mario until I drop dead.”

The final product isn’t far and has only moved its release date up by two days. The Super Mario Bros. Movie makes its US debut on April 5 and Japan showing follows close behind on April 28. Until then, you can look out for IGN’s exploration of easter eggs from the second Mario trailer, and anticipate the upcoming Nintendo Direct on March 9 that will be focused on the movie.

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