Do you long for the good old days of the GameCube? With Valve’s Steam Deck, you can now emulate the console using a tool called Dolphin. We’ll guide you through the process of setting it up and provide some tips for making the most of your GameCube emulator.

Step 1: Install Dolphin, a GameCube Emulator, via EmuDeck

To get started, open Firefox on the Steam Deck and type in This app can download and automatically set up virtually every emulator available for the Steam Deck, making emulation a breeze to set up.

Once you’ve downloaded the EmuDeck installer, copy it to your desktop using the Dolphin file manager. Then, install EmuDeck and select the Steam Deck as the device. Choose the emulators you want to install, such as Dolphin for GameCube emulation, and let EmuDeck set them up for you.

Step 2: Copy Your GameCube ROMs

After you’ve set up Dolphin, copy your GameCube games to the GameCube EmuDeck folder. If you created your ROMs folder on your SD card, you can access it through the Dolphin file manager. Look for the “roms” folder within the “Emulation” folder and copy your games there.

Note: Be aware that downloading games you don’t own is illegal. If you do own the game, with the right hardware, you can create your own ISO files.

Step 3: Add Your GameCube Games to Steam Deck Game Mode

Once you have copied all your games, use Steam ROM Manager to launch the games. Open Steam ROM Manager to access the parser list, including a toggle button for each console you want to see in your Steam Deck’s Game Mode.

Click the “Preview” button, then the “Generate App List” button to launch a window where Steam ROM Manager can show you the artwork for each game. Once you’re satisfied with the artwork, click “Save Apps to Steam” to complete the setup process. Exit Steam ROM Manager and go to your library to see if your GameCube games are available.

Bonus: Tips for GameCube Emulation on Steam Deck

Take advantage of the controller shortcuts for Dolphin emulation. You can tweak the settings to your liking but be careful not to mess with the default settings that EmuDeck has optimized for the Steam Deck.

If you wish to use a separate controller layout for each emulated game, choose them in Steam ROM Manager to access the controller settings.

Now that you know how to emulate GameCube on Steam Deck, enjoy playing your favorite Nintendo games on the go!

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