Dehya, the 5-star Pyro character newly-added in Genshin Impact’s version 3.5 update, has been a part of your adventure for quite a while, thanks to her multiple appearances in various missions. And now you have the chance to add her to your party. But before you do, why not take a moment to think what she can bring to your team? Here is our guide so you can make the most out of Dehya’s talents and put together the best team compositions with her in Genshin Impact.

Rewrite: What are Dehya’s Talent Priorities in Genshin Impact?

Elemental Burst: Leonine Bite – Enduring the interruption, Dehya will unleash a flurry of Pyro-infused punches and a devastating diving attack, with the damage scaling off of her ATK and maximum HP. As an added bonus, a Molten Inferno will be created at the climax of this sequence, making it an ideal talent priority for Dehya in Genshin Impact for dealing maximum DPS.

**Elemental Skill: Molten Inferno** – An area-of-effect aura radiates from Dehya, the second charge of which unleashes a diving attack. Enemies in the field of this skill suffer from a Pyro AoE attack, dependent on Dehya’s ATK and max HP, and can trigger it every 2.5 seconds. Allies within the field become resistant to interruption, with a fraction of the damage they take being absorbed by Dehya, taking a slight toll on her HP.

**Cataclysmic Tempest: Sandstorm Blast** \- Dehya unleashes a devastating sandstorm, dealing an immense amount of damage in a wide range and knocking opponents back.

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Unstinting Succor \- After recasting the Molten Inferno aura, Dehya will take 60% less damage from the funneling/mitigation mechanic. Additionally, a defensive boon is bestowed on all allies within range, granting them greater resistance to interruption.

Stalwart and True \- When Dehya’s HP dips below 40%, her vitality will be restored by 20% of her max HP, with a further 6% added every two seconds for the ensuing 10 seconds.

The Sunlit Way \- As the sun rises, all members of the party will be graced with a 10% movement speed bonus while traversing the overworld map, though not while in domains or the Spiral Abyss.

The initial utilization of Dehya’s elementary talent conjures an atmosphere/realm. Subsequent employments of her capacity will cause her to execute a vertical descent, reinvigorating the duration of the aura.

Rewrite: Unveiling Dehya’s Most Effective Team Compositions

When discussing the optimal team compositions for Dehya in Genshin Impact, a thorough evaluation of her purpose and abilities is necessary. Though she may be seen as lackluster, supplying inadequate damage output and subpar HP-to-damage scaling, there are still potential uses for her in a squad. Despite the presence of more effective characters like Zhongli and Kokomi who specialize in HP-focused roles, Dehya still has her place. Thus, if you still intend to pursue her through her wish banner, then here are our proposals:

**Vaporize or Melt comps** \- These setups will necessitate either a duet of Hydro characters (e.g., Mona, Xingqiu, Yelan, Ayato, and/or Kokomi), or a duet of Cryo characters (e.g., Ayaka, Ganyu, and/or Diona). The concluding slot can be populated by an Anemo character to give rise to Swirls (e.g., Kazuha or Venti).

**Mono Pyro comps** \- This assemblage of Pyro support or sub-DPS personnel, such as Bennett and Xiangling, join forces with an Anemo powerhouse, like Kazuha or Venti, to form a formidable unit.

Burgeon comps – For achievement of the coveted bloom, a combination of Dendro and Hydro is essential, enabled by the Pyro’s explosive power. The optimal pick for the Dendro position is, of course, the divine Nahida, or, if unavailable, the Dendro Traveler as the next best substitute. For the Hydro position, Xingqiu stands out for his remarkable sub/off-field damage output. Finally, the last slot is best filled by the talented Bennett, granting a generous damage buff and healing.

Even amidst arduous tests, Dehya’s Constellation 0 (C0) results are inferior to the other elite prospects.

In any event, should you wish to fully maximize Dehya’s potential in Genshin Impact, our other guides will provide you with the best weapons and artifacts to do so.

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