Dehya is now a part of the Genshin Impact roster with the version 3.5 update, leaving many to ponder what the ideal gear for her is. To help you determine the best weaponry for Dehya, we’ve put together this guide.

Rewrite: Uncovering the Ultimate List of Genshin Impact’s Most Powerful Weapons for Dehya

The Beacon of the Reed Sea is a weapon of unparalleled power, capable of wreaking havoc on its enemies. Its enchantments grant Dehya a multitude of advantages, such as increased damage output, critical hit chance, and attack speed. Additionally, it also grants her a passive that increases her resistance to elemental damage, making her even more resilient in combat. With these effects, Dehya is able to carve through her foes with ease and is an invaluable asset to any team.

Crit rate sub-stat. Desert Watch perk: +20% ATK for an eight second window after utilizing an elemental skill; +20% ATK for an eight second window after the character incurs damage; these effects are able to be triggered even when not on the field; when not shielded, gain +32% HP.

Considering this iconic imprint of Dehya’s, with its own heraldry, it indeed encapsulates her design, playstyle, and reliance on her HP.

Wolf’s Gravestone.

**Wolf’s Gravestone** – Although Genshin Impact has seen many 5-star claymores since its debut, this one still stands out as an exemplary choice even until now. Its legendary status remains untarnished even after all the years that have passed.

ATK% sub-stat. Wolfish Tracker – a passive that grants your entire party a +20% ATK boost; when attacking enemies whose HP is below 30%, an additional +40% ATK is granted to your whole team for a duration of 12 seconds, the effect may be activated once every 30 seconds.

Mailed Flower – A prize from the Windblume’s Breath event of version 3.5, this claymore yields a range of boons, including:

The Elemental Mastery (EM) sub-stat is imbued with the Whispers of Wind and Flower, granting a +12% ATK and +48 EM boost within a span of eight seconds after an elemental skill strikes an enemy or causes an elemental reaction.

Dehya’s mystical aptitude conjures a supernatural presence in the arena, delivering a widespread pyroclasm that razes all in its path. Supplementing this with an elemental addition can trigger a variety of combustive outcomes.

the Serpent Spine set.

Serpent Spine – Long a stalwart in the Battle Pass, the Serpent Spine set continues to be a premier option for claymore-wielders.

Crit rate sub-stat. Wavesplitter – Every four seconds that a character is on the field, they will deal +6% more damage, but take +3% more damage; no resetting of stacks occurs when the character leaves the field, however one stack is lost if the character is damaged.

The sole drawback here is that any buff stacks Dehya has accumulated will be lost when she receives damage. Her special ability causes damage taken by another active character to be transferred to her instead. We haven’t been able to test if this effect, due to Dehya soaking said damage, will diminish the number of stacks on Serpent Spine yet.

The Beacon of the Reed Sea is Dehya’s iconic armament, a symbol of her strength and power that radiates far beyond the boundaries of the abyss. It’s her calling card, a reminder of her unrivaled might and a warning to all those who would oppose her.

The Bell, a four-star armament, has a habit of being granted through the pulling of Gacha wishes.

HP% sub-stat. A rebellious guardian, withstanding the brunt of damage dealt and protecting the character with a shield; capable of absorbing up to 20% of maximum HP, and increasing damage by 12%; the shield’s duration lasting for a maximum of 10 seconds, or until broken.

Although not the most effective option if you’re aiming for full damage output, it still provides a hefty amount of HP for those who rely on power gains.

A peculiarly shaped weapon, the Luxurious Sea Lord has made its way from the Moonlight Merriment event. An ambitious design, its striking appearance has left many questioning its origin as well as its purpose.

Unleash Oceanic Victory to devastate your enemies with a massive onrush of tuna, capable of dealing 100% of ATK as AoE damage with each elemental burst. With this sub-stat, you’ll have a chance to unleash a spectacular display of the power of the sea!

Indeed, it’s a meme weapon — nevertheless, it boasts a few practical applications, especially with Dehya’s multi-hit elemental explosion. The additional DPS from the irate fish is merely the proverbial cherry on top.

In any case, these are the weapons we believe Dehya truly deserves when traversing the lands of Genshin Impact. But don’t forget to explore other related guides, like top-tier artifact sets and optimal talent builds/team compositions.

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