Grand Theft Auto Online recently patched a glitch that was allowing players to turn on god mode, however some players have reportedly found a workaround for the fix.

For the past seven days, gamers of GTA Online have been notably frustrated due to an issue that caused several taxi drivers to become indestructible. The Taxi Work update had the unfortunate outcome of making some players indomitable, which in turn allowed these people to kill people without any type of repercussions.

It was pretty easy to set off the glitch. All you had to do was go to Downtown Cab Co., go inside the white marker, start the mission while pressing the vehicle enter/exit button at the same time, and then you would end up in an underground area. After this, you could not take any damage.

I’m only speaking about the bug because it has been fixed and it no longer works. A journalist from Rockstar, Tez2, declared that the Taxi God Mode fault had been mended in the most recent update, along with a few other game-breaking errors such as the Auto Shop Merge error and the glitch that let people bypass the preparation step of the Doomsday Heist.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for players to find a method that resulted in more invicible cab drivers. This is currently still possible, so I won’t say how it can be done, but the initial tweet showed it in effect. Again, using this glitch, a player is rendered unable to be killed.

Rockstar will most likely get rid of this error quickly like they did with the Taxi God Mode defect, however that indicates it will be a couple of days of insusceptible trolls roaming around. Take caution in Los Santos until Rockstar releases the next update.

The dispute between Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar, and some modders that were creating remakes of GTA 3 and GTA: Vice City using reverse-engineering, has been settled. Although the specifics of the agreement have not been disclosed, both of the recreations have been erased from GitHub, suggesting that the public won’t be able to access a reworked version of these classic GTA games.

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