Just days before Halo Infinite Season 3’s debut, 343 Industries has unveiled details concerning the forthcoming content, including maps and modes. In a recent blog post, the studio teased a slew of tantalizing additions that are sure to get fans of the blockbuster shooter series buzzing. From the return of classic multiplayer maps to the introduction of an all-new game type, there’s plenty to look forward to when Season 3 launches.

As previously demonstrated in Season 3’s debut trailer, Halo: Infinite will welcome three brand new maps to its roster. Oasis, the inaugural of the three, is a Big Team Battle map set on a vast expanse of red rocks in the process of being transformed into a lush, green environment. Everywhere on this map is accessible by vehicle, allowing you to take a Warthog into the tunnels and edifices that adorn the terrain, thus creating both chaotic and tactical possibilities – particularly for CTF.

The second of the battlegrounds is an arena dubbed “Cliffhanger”. A majestic snow-capped peak, it conceals an ONI research facility; designed with varied zone-control modes in mind, its asymmetry strives to create a separate and distinct tactical experience for each game mode.

The third of the playable arenas is Chasm, a symmetrical map revealing the inner sanctum of Zeta Halo. On this perilous battleground, bridges and floating columns loom above a deep abyss, with grappling and risk-taking being the order of the day. Drawn from a section of Halo Infinite’s campaign, it has been fine-tuned to make it more suitable for multiplayer combat.

As for the rest of the update, the last part of the blog post dealt with Escalation Slayer; a mode akin to Call of Duty’s Gun Game, wherein players are tasked with eliminating enemies using pre-determined loadouts, advancing with each successful kill. The first to score a kill with every loadout wins, and slaying your opponents from behind will cause them to regress a level. Initially, two versions of the game-type will be available – Free-for-All Escalation and Team Escalation, with the latter involving the entire team progressing through the loadouts together. Additionally, Halo Infinite will also introduce a Big Team Battle version, as well as one which incorporates the “super” weapons seen in the game’s campaign.

All right, here’s the entire deal on what to bring with you when you’re ready to take on Escalation Slayer. From weapons to armor and beyond, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got everything you need to be successful in this high-stakes mode. So, take a look at our comprehensive rundown and get ready to take on the challenge!

, Thruster

* **LEVEL 1:** Rocket Launcher, Cindershot, Repulsor
* **LEVEL 2:** Energy Sword, Gravity Hammer, Grappleshot
* **LEVEL 3:** Sniper Rifle, Skewer, Threat Sensor
* **LEVEL 4:** Hydra, Ravager, Repulsor
* **LEVEL 5:** Bulldog, Needler, Grappleshot
* **LEVEL 6:** Battle Rifle, Commando, Threat Sensor
* **LEVEL 7:** Shock Rifle, Stalker Rifle, Drop Wall
* **LEVEL 8:** Heatwave, Sentinel Beam, Thruster
* **LEVEL 9:** Bandit, Assault Rifle, Drop Wall
* **LEVEL 10:** Mangler, Sidekick, Threat Sensor
* **LEVEL 11:** Oddball, Shroud Screen, Thruster

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