Final Fantasy 16 is a part of an exclusive club of games, limited to the new generation of consoles, and will be a time-limited experience only available on the PlayStation 5 at launch. Its non-cross-generation status is not purely due to the stunning visuals, but also because its combat mechanics draw on the memory and processing speed of the latest PS5 system.

At a recent hands-on demonstration, we were able to discern that the titanic tussles against powerful adversaries in Final Fantasy 16 were seamlessly interwoven with both character-controlled clashes and cinematic cutscenes, with no intrusive transitions or blackouts marring the experience. To bring this amalgamation of action and drama to life without any loading screens or other interruptions, the team at Square Enix have made full utilization of the capabilities of the PlayStation 5.

“As you’re engaging in a grueling confrontation with both Ifrit and Garuda [in the hands-on demo], the PS5 is already busy loading the succeeding sequence,” Naoki Yoshida, the producer, declared. “It’s in the process of getting ready, so that the transition will be totally smooth and seamless.”

Combat director Ryoto Suzuki expounded upon the matter. “The [Eikon abilities] are depicted graphically with their fists, claws, and wings in real-time, and with grand visuals,” he stated. “The sheer power of the PlayStation 5 allows us to execute these options without any hiccups or delays.”

Were it not for the memory and transfer speed of the PlayStation 5, we may very well still be in the throes of development,” he added.

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