Producer Naoki Yoshida of the much-anticipated Final Fantasy XVI has put to rest any speculation that the game’s PC version would be released a full six months after the PS5 edition. Instead, he has confirmed that the two versions will launch “simultaneously.”

In a Japanese PlayStation Blog post–via Shinobi602–Yoshida delved into the depths of Final Fantasy XVI, divulging information from its gameplay mechanics and main cast of characters to its story details, all in preparation for its expected PS5 release this summer. With regards to its eventual platform release, the producer admitted to stirring up a maelstrom of discussion, but wished to make some clarifications.

“It’s true that Final Fantasy XVI is a six-month exclusive on PS5,” Yoshida began, “But don’t expect the PC version to be ready in that timeframe. To be frank, the PC version won’t be available in six months.” Yoshida went on to stress that there is a “completely different story” for the PC version.

“We devoted a considerable amount of both time and resources to perfect the PS5 platform to give players the most captivating gaming experience,” he said, before continuing. “Naturally, I would like to launch a PC version at some point so everyone can enjoy as many games as possible, but even if we begin optimizing the PC version after the PS5 edition has been released, it won’t be ready to go within a period of six months. I do intend to release it eventually, yet I’m not currently at the point where I can state when that will be.”

If the PC version were to hit store shelves within six months, Yoshida jokingly warned he’d be out the door, imploring his audience, “Please don’t say, ‘I won’t buy the PS5 version since the PC version will be available in six months’, or else…”

The highly-anticipated sixteenth installment of the Final Fantasy series is finally upon us, as Square Enix has announced that FFXVI will be released on June 22, exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation 5 console. Fans of the franchise have been eagerly awaiting the game’s arrival, and now their dreams are about to become reality.

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