Roughly 80 hours of grueling effort and tireless dedication will be needed to complete Diablo IV‘s battle pass, as revealed in a recent conversation with the game’s associate director, Joe Piepiora.

In an interview with MMORPG, Piepiora divulged details about Diablo IV’s seasonal journey, which he described as “not too dissimilar to Diablo III’s format that we appreciated.” He went on to explain the game’s seasons, and what players can anticipate from the battle pass.

Completing various seasonal objectives, as well as vanquishing behemoths, completing quests, and taking part in other pursuits will earn players favor, which is utilized to progress the game’s battle pass. As before explained, Diablo IV’s battle passes will come in both free and premium variants.

“But once you factor in the rewards associated with it, and the ability to earn some new cosmetic items, it may be worth the time invested,” he continued.

“The challenge lies in the dedication it requires to complete the entire battle pass, as there are plenty of tasks that require you to play the game for a good chunk of time in order to complete them,” Piepiora concluded.

“Considering the scope of the battle pass, it really boils down to how much of your time you’re willing to invest, which could range from a few hours to the entire 80,” he said.

Reaching the level cap of 100 in Diablo IV would take a bit more than a “jiffy,” depending on how you play the game, said Piepiora.

Seasons in Diablo IV will bring additional story elements to the game every three months, ones which were previously hinted at in an interview. These are meant to be temporary experiences, however if something more substantial is to come, such as a continuation of the main story or possibly even a lead up to an expansion, then those would be “persistent and available for all players at all times”.

Blizzard has shed more light on the post-campaign content of Diablo IV, unveiling a developer video that divulges what players can look forward to beyond the main quest. From the infamous Helltides in the open world to Nightmare versions of classic dungeons, there’s plenty to keep thrill-seekers busy and rewarded – all while progressing their character with the Paragon Board system. To learn more, tune in to Blizzard’s upcoming developer livestream on April 20, where they will also be addressing feedback from the beta.

Diablo IV arrives on the sixth of June, promising to deliver a treacherous journey through the depths of Hell. Yet despite the introduction of a battle pass and an in-game store, Blizzard has made it clear players will not be able to employ their funds to gain an advantage over their adversaries.

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