IO Interactive has unveiled its plan to move into a wholly unfamiliar realm, with the upcoming release of an online fantasy RPG. Drawing inspiration from classic gamebooks such as Fighting Fantasy, players will have the chance to craft their own destiny and traverse a world of dynamic choices and unpredictable consequences.

“We are venturing forth into an uncharted realm; a realm of boundless possibility, a boundless terrain of creative energy and potential. We are forging a fresh IP: a digital fantasy RPG – a mesmerising, captivating journey of exploration, one that will redefine our capabilities and our very being.” IO Interactive declared exuberantly.

The developer persisted: “A realm crafted from the ground up to captivate
participants and evolve for many years to come. It is reminiscent, yet at the same
time IOI is striking out on an expedition unlike any we have experienced before.”

The company elucidated how the array of parts in the Fighting Fantasy literature mirrored their desire to fabricate the game. Tabletop game roles like game master, narrator, mentor, and antagonist amalgamated all to fashion novel occurrences.

“We’re now assembling a unique, intercontinental team of game-makers to spearhead a thrilling new fantasy adventure – a coming together of creative minds from every corner of the world, each bringing their own distinct skills and perspectives to the table,” IO Interactive declared. “It’s a daring new start, and we’re looking for passionate, driven people to join us on the journey.”

In 2020, IO Interactive unveiled their plans to develop a James Bond title, yet went on to declare that they were also undertaking an unspecified new IP in 2021. Subsequent reports suggested it was a fantastical offering featuring dragons, and now this has been affirmed.

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