Joe Madureira’s Battle Chasers has attained a notorious reputation for being one of the most protractedly-postponed comic books ever. But that long hiatus is poised to be terminated, with the series set to make its return in June 2023.

Image Comics to Finally Release Battle Chasers #10 After 22 Years: With Madureira Still Writing and a Variety of Artists Contributing Variant Covers.

“For years,” Madureira enthused to io9, “I’ve been truly moved by the enthusiasm that Battle Chasers still generates, despite its initial release being decades ago. With the success of Nightwar, the game, and a TV show in the works, I felt like now was the ideal moment to launch some fresh books. Working with these characters again brought about a sort of healing for me, and I’m simply aching for readers to witness Ludo’s amazing art!”

Battle Chasers is billed as an “arcanepunk” series, a strange brew of fantasy, Japanese manga and roleplaying games. Garrison, a swordsman reluctantly drawn from his seclusion, teams up with the rogue Red Monika to take down a band of escaped convicts. But the real challenge will come with the emergence of the supernatural Martial Paladins, ushering in a new era of high-stakes drama.

Unravelling the Mystery: Battle Chasers – Where Has it Been Since ’01 and Where is it Going Now?

Will the Battle Chasers Find their Fate on June 14, 2023? Catch Up on the Series in the Battle Chasers Anthology Trade Paperback.

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