Kerbal Space Program 2 took off into early access on the 24th of February, yet gamers have been airing their grievances with the abundance of bugs and requesting reimbursements.

As Eurogamer noted, the Steam reviews for the game are far from unanimous, with only half of the over nine-thousand reviews indicating any level of satisfaction. A number of them bemoan the game’s instability and its hefty price tag of fifty dollars, even in its current early access state, with some even opting for a refund.

In a Steam blog post, Kerbal Space Program Community Lead Michael Loreno elucidated the game’s current status and its relevance to the prevailing PC specs. He asserted that “the game is undergoing continuous optimization, and performance will improve over the course of Early Access”. Although the minimal specs are currently in effect for this early access period, they may deviate over time as the team fixes issues and fine-tunes systems.

The teams’ engineers have pushed their attention toward terrain optimization and the allocation of fuel and resources, in the hope of making these systems more efficient. We are entering Early Access with the awareness that this title is still in the early stages of development, and all feedback, both positive and negative, is appreciated.

Kerbal Space Program and its successor offer a unique combination of physics-based puzzling and strategy, all centered around the construction and execution of a space-faring endeavour. The experience is both a powerful physics simulator and a lighthearted comedic engine, captivating players with its complexity and hilarity.

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