The pivot to a full-action combat system in Final Fantasy 16 means that, as far as input dexterity is concerned, there will be a greater propensity for challenging skill-building than the turn-based entries of the JRPG series that have preceded it. Rather than providing the classic difficulty settings, Square Enix has devised an innovative item-based approach that allows players to customize their gaming experience according to their own level of proficiency, by means of equipping specific rings.

At a roundtable interview conducted by IGN, combat director Ryoto Suzuki outlined the system, emphasizing that he “definitely did not want to craft a system in which players would just have to put down the controller and let the game play itself. That type of experience would be divisive, as some players would feel like they weren’t participating in the battle. That’s how we came up with the idea for the accessories.”

The five rings of power come in many forms, granting a range of effects to the wearer. What will be the benefits? Might it be a reduction in difficulty, enhancing the accessibility of the game’s combat, or something more? No matter which of these rings you choose, it will surely bring something special to your battle experience.

The Ring of Timely Focus, which briefly delays the onslaught of enemy assaults, allowing one to evade and prepare a retaliatory strike.
* **The Ring of Timely Assistance**, which swiftly commands your trusty canine companion, Torgal.
* **The Ring of Timely Strikes**, which executes a flurry of attacks with a single press of the button.
* **The Ring of Timely Evasion**, which quickly avoids the majority of attacks.
* **The Ring of Timely Healing**, which expeditiously replenishes your life force with potions.

“We aspired for this game to provide an entrance for gamers who struggle with action games to experience the genre and to prove that action games can be enjoyable and you can excel in them, while having a great time,” Suzuki elucidated.

As we uncovered during our intimate trial, the items indisputably make the frenzied fighting more amenable. But they could also lend a hand in terms of inclusivity. As an example, impaired gamers who are not able to rapidly input a multitude of button clicks may discover the Ring of Timely Strikes and Timely Evasion advantageous.

When asked why only two of the five accessories could be equipped at any one time, producer Naoki Yoshida responded: “Having all five equipped would essentially mean that the player no longer has to do anything. Even with the two most powerful accessories, like the Ring of Timely Evasion and Timely Strikes – while they are incredibly strong – the player still has to press square and dodge certain attacks. Thus, even with the two most powerful accessories, the player is still an integral part of the action.”

“It’s amazing the variety of players out there we have to take into consideration,” Suzuki mused. “Some are incredibly skilled with action combat, but without the help of items like [the Ring of Timely Healing], they may still forget to heal themselves in the heat of the moment. This item is a great tool for those players, as it allows them to maintain their focus on mastering their techniques, while also making sure their health is taken care of.”

“But heed the number of potions in your possession,” Yoshida cautioned. “You can’t just employ them if you’ve exhausted your supply.”

For Final Fantasy 16, the only way to make it a reality was to take advantage of the PS5’s advanced hardware capabilities. Moreover, it is reported that the game map will not have any obscured dungeons. Additionally, Yoshida’s insight into the game’s representation of diverse characters and cultures has been given a platform for discussion. All of this and more about the upcoming installment of the beloved Final Fantasy series can be found here.

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